Smoke Detectors save lives!

Time and time again when conducting a Home Inspection we find many homes are deficient in fire alarm installation and maintenance. First, fire alarm installation practice should be as follows, (1) smoke detector in each and every bedroom, (2) a smoke detector should also be installed in the common area outside all bedrooms. There should also be (1) smoke and (1) CO detector on each and every level of the home.

With regard to age, all smoke detectors should be replaced every (10) years regardless if they are battery or hard wired (Wired to the homes electrical system). The age of smoke alarms is printed on the back of almost every manufactures device. Simply twist the detector and it will or should release from its mounting unit, this way you can get the age of the unit.

Finally change the battery every year, fall is typically a good time to do this.

Smoke Detectors save lives!

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